10 Shocking Photos From Hurricane Camille

Late on the night of Aug. 17, 1969, Hurricane Camille stormed past the mouth of the Mississippi River as it sped toward a brutal assault on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. We scoured the internet and found 10 shocking photos that show the true power of this massive hurricane.

1. A House Removed From It's Foundation

This home near Buras, LA was lifted off it's foundation and deposited next to a stop sign.

2. Car Auto Shop Underwater

This paint and auto body shop in Home Place, LA was flooded during the storm.

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3. Canal Street Before the Storm

Windows were taped (not a good idea) and streets were calm the morning of Camille's landfall.

5. Homes Underwater

A driver surveys the damage 3 miles north of Buras, LA.

6. Flooded Streets in the 9th Ward

7. Pass Christian, Mississippi Main Business District

8. A Police Officer Stands Guard Over Wreckage

9. Residents Lineup For Government Trailers

Those who lost their home stand in line to apply for government trailers.

10. A Pile of Wreckage Where the Post Office Used to Stand

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